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What I draw (mostly) :
- fanarts from anime
- original characters/stories
- Mlp art
- random bleh

Random Favourites

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What I like on Da :
- fantastic / heroic fantasy
- steampunk art
- emotions
- hecking awesome pieces of art !!

RQ - Markiplier icon by PrincesseKitCat "I believe in you !"



First time with Adobe Animate :D

I spent the whole afternoon on this haha I still can't see myself animating a long and/or ambitious project, but it's fun enough to keep my attention for a small amount of time (considering that I am a little butterfly in terms of concentration and motivation xD)

(I am a complete newbie in animation, so I can't do a proper review of Animate, sorry...)
Yokai Line-up
A Kappa, a Tanuki (raccoon dog), a Kawauso (river otter), a Kitsune (fox) and a Koma Inu (dog)

It's always interesting to see mythical creatures from other cultures. I used for documentation
I drew in a cutesy style, makes the Kappa look adorable even if it could eat you alive awww

texture :
Creature Creation
I was super bored '-'
I love to design creatures, and I had a lot of fun, but yeah those are kinda messed up xD
I would like to draw them again tho

Original meme :
MLP Fan Character - Peony
Okay so I thought I would have drawn MLP fanart - Lovely Heart and Honey bloom and moved on, buuuutttttttt

Here comes a chaos child...

Her name is Paeoniaceae, but everyone calls her Peony/Princess/Your Highness because heck that's very long and hard to pronounce...

1. In those drawings, she is in her late teenager years/about to be an adult. Left is her usual appearance in public, right when she is alone. She cuts her mane herself and doesn't care about her looks... when nopony's around. While she is not interested in a lot of things (almost everything bores her), she takes her princess's duties quite seriously, as long as she is in her "pretty princess mode", because in her "annoying super bored teenager mode", she is a lazy fella.

2. Peony the puppy. Back then she was genuinely sweet

3. Her mama Honey Bloom is one of the only ones who ever saw her without all her princess ways. Despite not ever wanting to be like her (she was sometimes cold and distant to her with or without noticing it) Peony does like her a lot. Honey might not have been the best parent ever, but at least she was trying.
Let's be real, she didn't even wanted to have children, so when she discovered she had the child of Lovely Heart, she couldn't bare it. She ran away, without telling anyone about it. Moreover she experienced the whole pregnancy alone, lots of crying and shouting from anger, but she couldn't decide to get rid of the baby. When Peony was born, Honey had decided to keep her. Maybe somehow it was a chance to have a "normal life" and settle down somewhere with a family. However no matter how hard Honey Bloom tried, this life wasn't meant for her, and it became harsh very fast, to the point she had to look out for Lovely Heart, to her great displeasure.
The prince... didn't take it calmly. Having a bastard daughter would ruin everything he had built. All his life.
Honey Bloom did manage to convince Lovely Heart to take in charge his daughter (is that even english) but how is a mistery. A hellfired quarrel ? A pact ? We'll never know.
Peony was around middleschool age when she met for the first time her father and began to live with him. She got caught up in the princess's ways and duties that came with her being officially the heir of the Crystal Empire and, in the meantime, Honey Bloom slowly disappeared from her everyday life. Sure, she kept coming every now and then, but Lovely Heart didn't want the public to learn about her and she was fine with it. Peony started at this moment to sink from the sunshine baby girl to the constantly bored teenager...

reminder : Honey Bloom is basically genderfluid, she refers to herself as she/her or he/him without any decisive factor, and doesn't mind being seen as either gender. Peony sees her as a mare, Lovely Heart sees him as a stallion.

I have too much imagination lol
I don't even write that well and I dunno if a lot of people are gonna read this text wall but hey u cant stop me

Lovely Heart belongs to Lopoddity
Honey Bloom belongs to me and Peony as well, I guess:baffled: 
MLP fanart - Lovely Heart and Honey bloom

Lovely Heart stared at Honey Bloom, pressed against his fluffy chest, eyes closed, smiling. Right now his natural distrust was highly weakened.

Now was the time to talk.

    -         Hey, Honey dearie, whispered Lovely Heart into Honey Bloom’s hear. I’ve got a question for you…

    -         Mmh ?

The unicorn opened his eyes -a soft, loving look- and smiled.

    -         You know, I’m a dimension traveller. I inherited this power from my father Discord. And when I was in a parallel world yesterday, I saw you.

Honey Bloom stiffened. Lovely felt it, and tried to reassure him.

    -         C’mon, you can trust me, Bloomie, he grinned brightly. I swear it was you. Not a parallel you, like there are parallel everypony. It was you, I’m sure of it.

The unicorn’s glare had become unreadable. He looked away from the draconequus. Lovely’s cheek twitched. Before that, he actually liked Honey Bloom, firstly because of his exotic physique, which was a little favorite of his, then because of the high, enthralling amount and nature of the magic that resided in his body. And now, he had proved to be able to travel dimensions. It was very, very interesting. But, foremost, at the start, he assumed from his looks that he was easy to manipulate. The prince kept smiling and chuckled.

    -         Honeeeey, I’m dying of curiosity here.

No response. Lovely Heart’s eyes narrowed. A sudden, unexpected frustration was overtaking his mind. The burning hate of not getting what he wanted. He resisted the temptation of spreading his claws, and just took Honey Bloom’s face into his paw.

    -         Don’t you trust me, love ?

    -         I… I should go.

No, no, no ! This isn’t going well at all ! Lovely pouted.

    -         Why ? Did… Did I do something wrong ? I swear I…

    -         Lovely…

The unicorn got up and looked into the prince’s eyes. Her mouth opened, as if she wanted to say something, but she bit her lip.

- Yes, Honey ?

- Nothing.

The draconequus had to let it go. Honey Bloom stepped back and hesitated before finally running out of the chamber. The air was too warm and poisonous in there.


Steam escaped from Lovely Heart’s mouth.



(Holy sh*t drapes, draaaapppeeesss I actually gave up on the part on the left cause holy banana)


I’ve liked Lopoddity ‘s universes and characters for a while now.
And now that I know a bit more about her, I respect her. Seriously, keep being you, Lop, you’re one awesome, inspiring woman


I thought about drawing Lovely Heart for a while, and I wanted to draw him flirting/manipulating someone… So I drew my oc Honey Bloom.

And I actually wrote a story.



So Honey Bloom had a dumb crush on Lovely Heart, who noticed it. He liked to be loved, so he played with her. Then he observed her powers, and even discovered that she was a dimension hopper. Lovely grew interest in the unicorn, but she realized his intentions probably weren’t good, and ran away. Honey Bloom is a bit naïve, but not stupid. She most certainly noticed something was wrong after a certain length of time, she kept playing Lovely’s game though, until her dimension traveling capacities were brought up. This is a very sensitive subject to her, so she took it as the signal to leave.

note :
Even knowing that Honey is biologically female (though gender doesn't matter to her), Lovely Heart likes to see him as a (weak) feminine stallion.


I even got some background for Honey Bloom, she was just supposed to be a ponysona hehhhh
Not developing it here tho

She is an adult here btw, and I twitched her design to be more ancient unicorn-like

also my English is not perfect sowwwyyyy



(I’m such a trash I actually drew them a child )

Lovely Heart belongs to Lopoddity
Honey Bloom belongs to me



ıllıllı ąɲ๏яʍąℓąďɲ ıllıllı
:heart: <--- Robert

(ノ ᐛ )ノ彡┻━┻ I throw tables with passion !

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I'm... just a teenager living in France. :T


Je suis... simplement une ado qui vit en France. :T


Languages :
French : Native
English : Intermediate
German : bits and bits
Japanese / Russian : practically nothing but hey I'm trying lol

(FREE) strawberry scroller by DidTheSqd (FREE) scrolling BG: skyfire mountains by DidTheSqd (FREE) scrolling BG: morning mood by DidTheSqd
Have a nice day, you, in whatever universe you are


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